Phase One (First steps toward healing)


Phase one is a transitional period. The focus is on developing trust, ensuring safety and providing food, housing and emotional

support. We ensure that medicinal and psychological evaluations and drug and alcohol testing have been initiated. Although we are

a Christ-centered organization, we realize that many of these young women may come from different faith backgrounds. Our hope is that they “see” Christ, through our love for them.


Phase Two (healing phase)

  • Counseling and faith based healing programs

  • Born Free Progam

  • Drug/Alcohol treatment program, support groups

  • Life skills classes, animal therapy

  • Computer based education, individualized plan

  • Develop daily goals

  • Lifetime mentoring program 

  • Assistance with government resources


Phase Three

  • Continuing life skills classes, introduce life coaching

  • Educational program /college

  • Dreams and Goals Class

  • Financial management {Dave Ramsay}

  • Develop transitional goals/housing/jobs

  • Long term career plan/educational grants

  • Spiritual guidance/outside ministry


FINAL STAGE - Becoming independent and reintegrating back in to society.

It is vital for every girl that is a part of this program to recognize their full potential and fulfill their purpose in life. By meeting their basic human needs, establishing a life plan, life skills, financial responsibility and educational opportunities, we can ensure their success.  At At the RESTORD Ranch, our goal is prepare each girl with life skills, a job, a place to live, educational opportunities and financial independence and a lifetime mentor.


The RESTORD Ranch is more than a safe place, it's a place where young women who have chosen to escape and break free from their captors can live a life fully restored.


RESTORD is currently seeking grants and funding from corporations and businesses to purchase or lease a ranch that already has housing on it. This will be for Phase 1 of the program and will accommodate up to 10 young women, ages 18-26 and implement our restoration program. Phase 2 of the property will be designed to accommodate our vocational and business school. In addition, we will also be able to have therapy classes which will consist of art, gardening and horse therapy.

Our Vision